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Executive and business coaching is all about two things, leadership and dealing with strategic thinking. The decisions taken by the leaders have a systemic impact on the present and the future of the company and its successful presence on the market. These choices are influential for all the stakeholders, for the people related to the company inside and outside – and for the people related to these people, families and communities for example.

For these reasons, executive coaching is very different from the other kinds of coaching. It deals with the bigger picture: the top manager’s vision, their long term goals, their core values, their strategic planning. Executive coaching becomes a strong and trusted relationship between the top manager – or the professional, the entrepreneur, the founder, the number 1 of the company – and their coach. And not infrequently, it develops as a long term partnership.

About business coaching, I am experienced in various industries and ready to collaborate with the leaders of companies that work in hospitality, hotel, travel – real estate – health care – publishing, fashion, arts – banking and finance.