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Gain a clear vision.

Know what you really want.

Design successful strategies to create your own future.

What is coaching?

Fill the gap!

Coaching is a process accelerator

During the coaching process you can achieve your personal and professional goals in a quicker, easier and more effective way.

Coaching is execution, execution, execution

Our job is result oriented. You reach your objective when the change in your thinking becomes real in your action plan.

Coaching is an evolutionary path

Coaching is focused on the present time, on what you can do to fill the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Coaching is change

During the coaching conversation I will support you in clarifying your objectives and deciding what steps you will take to get closer to your goal. Then it’s high time for you to take action.

Areas we can work on, together

Leadership coaching – Leadership development – Corporate Coaching – Executive coaching – Career coaching – Startup founder coaching – Small business mentoring – Emotional Intelligence – Well-being Programme

About me

Let’s work on your personal success and unique achievements, together
My name is Cristina Franzoni. I obtained a BA (Hons) and Masters in Social Psychology and worked in the culture field for more than 15 years. I was the editor-in-chief of a business magazine and the founder of a publishing company. I ran various communication projects in fashion, arts and tourism. I then decided to change scene and dedicate myself to a different world – the hospitality industry, hotels and residence clubs. I worked in this field for almost 10 years with private equity funds. This was also the stepping stone to my next venture as the founder of a hotel management company, and later CEO of a luxury resort with spa and art gallery, located in a beautiful wine region. During my career I have encountered various coaching models of personal improvement, achievement and have become passionate about this field. So I decided to take the leap and qualified with Corporate Coach U- CoachInc training organisation, accredited by ICF. Then I completed various specializations, among others Achieving personal and professional success specialization, Wharton School. I have moved frequently and spent much of my free time travelling. This passion led me to visit more that 50 countries. In Cambodia, some years ago, I had the privilege to learn and experience the ancient techniques of meditation, that I practice every day. I am a Mindfulness practitioner as well. Besides, I have my personal coach to talk to, of course! I work in London in person or by phone and online internationally. I offer my services in English and Italian.

Why coaching with me?

Committed. I’m here to motivate and support you, with dedication and passion. My personal mission is to help you to move forward, to make the lasting changes you want for your life and reach the goals you want for your business and career.

Experienced. I have been in business for more than 20 years. I know what it means to design a carrier, to cope with challenging situations, to be responsible for people, to manage a small company. I can support you when you have to reach the right decision.

Qualified. I hold the ACC – ICF credential. My style of coaching is based on internationally accredited coaching models, designed to make you reach a motivated strategy for success.

Some of my relevant qualifications:


  • Social Psychology Bachelor and Master Degrees
  • Coaching Diploma – Corporate Coach U/Coachlnc (ICF accredited)
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification – Animas (ICF accredited)
  • Positive Psychology Foundation Specialisation – University of Pennsylvania 
  • Achieving Personal & Professional Success Specialisation – Wharton School
  • The Science of Well-Being Certification – Yale University


Successful stories

Cristina combines her great expertise with a gift for real sensitivity and deep empathy. She is able to capture the subtle wrinkling in your mind and be by your side while you observe and embrace it. She supports you with her careful reasoning, until that fuzzy element turns into a bright opportunity for your personal growth and improvement. Thank you Cristina for having enlightened me with your big lantern!

Tamara, Counselor, Milan

When I met Cristina it was surely the toughest period of my life. My focus was deteriorating, a significant lack of self-esteem led me to believe that my emotional state would continue to be the same. I can definitely say that since then my life has changed. Cristina is the mental coach by excellence. I appreciate her approach to problems and find it incredibly effective. Her broad knowledge is very useful in tackling any given challenge, along with her pragmatic way of dealing with problems. Cristina is definitely someone I would recommend to any person who needs a coach!

Federico, Business Analyst, London

Cristina has encouraged me to pursue pathways which fit with existing skills and interests, whilst also preparing to learn and develop new.

This has brought about a definite can do attitude in myself, which can be applied to all pursuits, fostering feelings of both empowerment and well-being 

John, Photographer, London

Cristina gave me a strong support when I was put in charge of a reorganization in the company. I needed to enhance motivation and commitment of my team and create a more positive climate. I needed to communicate our new corporate strategy and lead people to collaborate more effectively on our objectives. Cristina helped me so I was able to keep the close attention of my team on our goals, with very good results. Besides, we worked well on empathy and self-awareness, a kind of knowledge I consider extremely advantageous as a manager. 

Tommaso, General Manager, Milan

Take action

Make a worthy investment in your future

The initial consultation, of about 30 minutes on the phone, is free. This is a great opportunity to give voice to your situation and speak to a professional coach who listens, really listens to you. If we feel and we reason that we can work well together, we will set up a coaching plan.

You will have personalized, one-on-one consultations, in person, by phone or online.

Our meetings will last about one hour, but there is no rush.

Your coaching plan, number of sessions and pace will depend on your needs and goals. Consider at least 6 – 8 consultations in two, three months time.

Our meetings will be scheduled to fit your agenda, with Monday to Friday full day and Saturday availability.

I am based in central London. Executive and business coaching consultations can be held at the client’s office.

We can speak in English or in Italian.

Your coaching sessions are established with the values of Competence – Discretion – Support – Collaboration and ICF Code of Ethics.

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